Moderators: Doctor Riccardo Saccardi and Doctor Otto Visser

Presenter: Dr R. Saccardi (Italy): Personalisation of Mobilisation.


Discussant: Dr O.Visser (The Netherlands): generate and organize interactivity with the audience on the different discussion points

  1. How to define a “poor mobiliser” and How to approach the use of Plerixafor pre-emptive in patients expected to be poor mobilizer due to previous therapy (such as (high dosis) melphalan, or lenalidomide).

  2. How to improve graft quality aiming for early platelet independence, lower graft volumes and optimal Stem Cell viability.  

  3. Single day collection instead of a 2 or 3 day collection: impact on logistics, cost-effectiveness and How to decide on the approach?


NB: Because of time issues we cannot make certain all discussion points will be addressed.  Main goal is to have an interactive workshop with experts on issues in mobilization and how to adapt mobilization to each patient case.

Workshop on Personalization of Mobilization of Stem Cells.

Industry-supported Pre-Congress Workshop

Thursday, October 26th

18:00- 19:00

Hall A

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